Tapping Machine for 1/8' - 1/2" - 40" Reach Pantographic Arm and ANSI Collet Set - 110v Electric Motor

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Quick overview

The TA-EL-3-12 electric driven tapping machine is capable of tapping 1/8" to 1/2" threads in mild steel and aluminum. The pantographic arm has a working reach of 40 inches and features an angle adjustable head for vertical and horizontal tapping. Electric powered motor with forward and reverse.




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    Key Features
  • Articulated arm and electric driven motor with quick change collet chuck. (Bliz type)
  • Tapping range 1/8" to 1/2"
  • 40"/ 1000mm working reach
  • Simple push button forward and reverse operation
  • LCD display with an easy to use menu system for setting RPM and thread pitch to program auto reverse
  • Requires a 110 Volt single phase electrical supply. The tapping machine has a standard IEC connector allowing the power cable to easily detac
  • Vertical and Horizontal adjustable tapping head
  • Reduce tap breakage. Each tap collet has a ratchet clutch, that will slip should the tap encounter an obstruction. The torque can be adjusted if required
  • Through hole and blind holes can be tapped
  • Removes tapping operations from machine tools and CNC machine centres
  • Easy to re-align with threaded holes to remove contamination after painting or coating processes

Pantographic tapping arm with collet set.

Our Pantographic tapping arm will tap from 1/8 to 1/2 in mild steel and aluminum. The taps are held in a quick change collet system driven by an electric motor. The motor is mounted on a articulated arm which maintains parallel motion. The smooth arm action allows the tap to be brought into position swiftly and easily.

The electric motor is equipped with a chuck and each tap is held in its own collet. Each collet has a ratchet clutch, the torque is preset for each size of tap preventing tap breakage. The clutch system will allow blind holes as well as through holes to be tapped. The torque clutch allows the tap to stop turning when it encounters any obstruction that may cause tap breakage. The torque setting is adjustable

Tapping Arm
With the increase in speed over hand tapping and removing tapping operations from manual and cnc machinery, our tapping arm will prove to be an affordable alternative.

The articulated arms are also capable of many other common operations including chamfering/deburring, helicoil insertion and nut driving.

Included With Arm: Pantographic arm, Reversible electric motor, Quick change chuck and ANSI Collets.

Additional Information
SKU TA-EL-3-12-110V
Weight (lbs) 63
Brand Machine- Tapping
Model Number 5055396146684
Manufacturer Machine-Tapping
RPM 400
Collet Type TYPE 1
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